Whatever happened to science—revisited


This HND piece goes back to a subject we've covered a few times before: The proliferation of junk science. In this case, we examine a blatant political screed masquerading as science, that checks off so many boxes: 

  1.    Politically correct...check

  2.    Anti-Trump...check

  3.    Based on a post hoc fallacy...check

  4.    Involves a minority group...check

  5.    Suggests that this minority is suffering at the hands of the bad Orange man...check

  6.    Cherry picks data...check

  7.    This cherry picking ignores a much larger trend that destroys the authors' premise...check

  8.    Key references cited do NOT state what the authors claim

  9.    Main hypothesis cannot be proven since there is no control group, nor could there ever be one.

10.    Even if their hypothesis were proven, it is a pointless finding.


Embarrassingly bad study, yet originating from prestige institutions, and published in a well-regarded journal.  Read the complete article.

A look at ketamine

KetamineThis HND piece examines the anesthetic ketamine, delving into its history, current uses, and prospective applications as a therapy for depression, anxiety, PTSD, and in cocaine addiction treatment. Ketamine was first introduced as a replacement for PCP, used in the 1950s and early 1960s as a general anesthetic. But PCP had nasty hallucinogenic side effects, as was taken off the legal market.

While ketamine in proper doses can have mild hallucinogenic side effects of its own, it is mostly well tolerated and is quite safe. We describe the non-anesthetic uses as ketamine infusion grows in popularity.

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E-cigarettes are not a gateway to smoking--they replace smoking

E-cigs_vapingThis HND piece debunks the pernicious nonsense pushed by the prohibitionists that vaping is a "gateway" to smoking. And you thought that the government wanted people to quit smoking. Completely ignoring science (OMG, are they vaping deniers?), they continue to attack e-cigs. Heck, the "enlightened" city of San Francisco has flat-out banned the sale of e-cigs because they know better. So...a city that can't keep human feces and discarded syringes off the streets has a better way. Riiight.

This story brings you the real story, citing numerous studies, and gives the facts behind the findings. As you might expect, the prohibitionists wildly distort the statistics, with all their slicing, dicing, and conflating.

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The state of medical cannabis

Medical_cannabisThis HND piece examines the odd disparities and paradoxes in our country's approach to regulating cannabis. Not only are there state-to-state differences, but there is a bizarre situation at the federal level. Even though a particular preparation of cannabidiol is now FDA approved, cannabis is still considered a Schedule I controlled substance. That is, of course, unless the cannabis is that exact preparation of CBD—Epidiolex—which is merely Schedule V.

We contrast this mess with the situation in Australia, where medical cannabis is legal at the federal level throughout the country. It's all about Prohibition, isn't it? To prove this, we reference the work of Fredric Wertham.

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More reasons to question the wisdom of Medicare for all


This HND piece examines just a few notorious federal government health program massive failures, and asks why we think they would do any better running the entire healthcare system.

First up is forced sterilizations, along with them being upheld by our Supreme Court. Then there's the Tuskegee Study, which looked at what might happen if syphilis goes untreated. Of course, that one kept going long after penicillin was the standard cure. And how about germ warfare testing using live pathogens sprayed over many big cities? Last but not least...all the fiascoes at our VA hospitals.

Oh yes. I do believe in Medicare For All, I do, I do, I dooooo.

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The angels weep over L.A.'s public health crisis

This HND piece focuses on the rapidly deteriorating situation around the many homeless encampments in Los Angeles. It was easy enough for officials to cover things up until cases of typhus and typhoid have crept into the non-homeless population. And then there is the rat infestation of the City Hall complex, along with the fleas that come along for the ride.

As if that weren't bad enough, serious folks are predicting an outbreak of bubonic plague this summer. No, these aren't third world conditions, these are more like medieval conditions—so says LA-based Dr. Drew Pinsky.

There's really no choice now, but to get these homeless off the streets, and set up some sort of workfare for those who can; rehab the many addicts; and provide care for the mentally ill. Failing that, we'll be reading about bubonic plague in Beverly Hills and Bel-Air.

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Another look at sleep


This HND piece is a somewhat belated follow-up to an article from 2013. In the current piece, we examine recommended sleep durations, the best sleeping positions, and if you can really make up for lost sleep at a later time.

As it happens, chronic sleep deprivation is not benign, and is linked to many serious illnesses. Whether you're a night owl or a morning lark, you do need your sleep!

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Keeping track of your drugs and their proper dosing


This HND piece examines how we handle the massive numbers of prescription drugs in our midst. With the majority of Americans on at least one drug, and over 20 percent on five or more, this is a big deal. In fact, with more than 4 billion prescriptions being filled every year, it is a huge deal, and can also engender plenty of potential danger.

We provide some helpful hints, and link to good apps to maintain control of your drugs and dosing, and introduce a cool new security product that should help stop prescription drug abuse.

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Why junk science continues to proliferate


This HND piece gives some reasons behind the never-ending production of junk science. We start off with the case of glyphosate as a specific, and then articulate the root causes. They are touched on below...

Peer review, as still worshiped by academic science fanboys is mostly inoperative these days, since agenda and bias—not to mention political correctness and the drive for grants—drives published science these days.

The popular media is driven by sensationalism (now called "click-bait"), but so are the academic journals.

No one cares about reproducing published results anymore. Thus, total crap can be published with little fear of the consequences.

One big part of sensationalism is driven by a riff on the old Post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy, whereby correlation means causation.

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Glyphosate: How A Safe Chemical Is Being Maligned By Greedy Elites


This HND piece covers the awful junk science and flat-out corruption behind the demonization of the pesticide Glyphosate. This chemical has been rigorously studied since before it went on the market in 1974, and has been approved as safe by every relevant agency in the world.

But in 2015, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) labeled it as "Group 2A (probably carcinogenic to humans). Bear in mind that IARC also puts red meat consumption into Group 2A, and processed meats into their worst category—Group 1 (carcinogenic to humans). To call this action politicized and corrupt is to understate what went on. After all, the guy who got IARC to study this compound in the first place—and was instrumental in the final classification—also got himself a fat consulting contract with two plaintiff's firms going after deep-pocketed Bayer, the manufacturer of Glyphosate.

To make matters worse, a paper came out a few months ago that linked the chemical to an increased rate of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. Except the methodology used has been widely criticized—and rightly so—as total and complete garbage.

Read the complete article, and lament what "science" has become.