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December 16, 2008



Victoria's Secret bras, in my experience, (at least new, padded ones) emit a very foul odor within a few minutes of putting them on. I don't have any allergic reactions to whatever is causing it, but I wouldn't be surprised, given the acridity of the smell, if it is something like formaldehyde. I have to wash new ones around 10 times before wearing them, so as not to smell as if the dog peed on my clothes. I'm tempted to have some testing done myself to determine what's causing that smell.

Michael Shaw

The best thing to do is contact Victoria's Secret customer service...


Of course, there are many possible causes for odor--chemicals from the packaging, storage in a manner that prevented these compounds to evaporate, and so forth.

However, formaldehyde is quite unlikely, since it is not used in garments that are either all synthetic or mostly synthetic.

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