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Fun movie critic terminology

Movie Mom Nell Minow, a somewhat prissy critic, who rates movies on behalf of young kids, has popularized, and maybe even coined "The Gothika Rule," which provides that if a movie has a truly idiotic ending, she will give it away and save you the time, money, and misery of seeing the film.

Gothika (2003) is a mostly crummy horror vehicle starring the scandalously overrated Halle Berry, whose career consists largely of rotten films, often with ludicrous endings. Gothika is no exception. I wonder how many people actually saw Monster's Ball (2001), the uber-contrived PC mess that got Berry her Oscar? Her CHARACTER, not her performance earned her the award.

Her single mom, widow of an executed murderer, replete with a fat kid and hard life, turns the heart of a racist white prison guard. Sounds like a liberal's ultimate fantasy. Gee, I wonder why she got the Oscar.

Minow seems to ignore the great site The Movie Spoiler, which lets crix off the hook. They don't have to reveal anything, but can imply the that movie sucks, which will prompt a visit to the spoiler site.


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