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June 17, 2009



I'm glad i stumbled upon this site, otherwise I might not have had a chance to see that STATS report.
Makes me want to blog about this. Information about subjects like this should be available to more people.

Now, I live in California -- yes, the land of the fruits and nuts ;-]
And there's no shortage of eco-poser nonsense around here. In fact, its all the rage to carry around those water bottles that do not contain BPA. Apparently it makes you more 'pure'.

This really is a new religion.
And I'm the heretic for having 'a problem with it'?!

I'm not sure where I fit in, not even with the crazies here?!
I suppose I should count that as a blessing ha ha.

I am a 24 year old male of mixed descent (mexican, irish, german, native american, ukraine) , employed by myself, a devout atheist (ex-christian in fact ;-]) who would love to see the disbanding of organized religion. I love abortions, I think guns are dandy and highly useful, I think we should legalize and regulate all drugs, I have no problem with gay marriage, I think solar and wind power are lousy (inefficient garbage...), and smoke cannabis for therapy daily. I don't align myself with any political ideology (because it's really NOT that simple) so therefor I have no backup support, just my own critical thinking and a will to find what's there, not to just find what i want to find. People accuse me of spreading religious propaganda by questioning things like anthropomorphic climate change. That's not science. But they don't want science.. they want... well, I don't know what they want. But it sounds retarded, and like a big waste of time. Like the time I spent in the voting booth voting for Obama just because I didn't want McCain's vapid anti-drug policies enforced. Then it turns out that Obama can't do anything to stop federal raids on legitimate medical marijuana patients, so I might as well have not even voted for him. Just another guy. He just happens to be black. that excites some people. Me? Well, I actually care more about what the person does than what they look like but hey that's just me.

Apparently to some people, some or all of those things I listed above makes me radical. Because I can't easily be aligned with a political ideology. I'm dangerous, and subversive... [to certain special-interest groups yea....]

That means you are too.
Go you =]

We need more people exposing this defecation of science posing as a health-risk.

Michael Shaw


Thanks for your comments. As you have discovered, the real "religious zealots" are the Greenie lunatics. BPA, sadly, is not the only example of belief-driven science.

You are also right to distrust the vast majority of politicians. I thought I was cynical when I lived in California, but it took moving to the DC metro to bring my cynicism to its current state!

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