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BPA "health effects": Reductio ad absurdum?

More good news on BPA

Leave it to Health Canada to finally put a stake through the heart of the BPA fear-mongering nonsense. Those of you who have been following this issue have often read that Canada protects the health of its citizens ever so much better than our own FDA. Since EWG and NRDC are fond of promoting this idea, let's see what the good scientists at Health Canada discovered...

They tested the following classes of products for BPA:

In all cases, dozens of products and different brands were tested, and in all cases, levels were exceedingly low. This new data confirms Health Canada's previous conclusion that exposure to BPA through food packaging uses is not expected to pose a health risk to the general population, including newborns and young children.

In fact, Health Canada stated that an adult would have to drink approximately 1,000 liters (264 US gallons) of water from polycarbonate water cooler bottles every day to approach the science-based safe intake limit for BPA recently established in Canada.

While all of the glass water bottles showed BPA concentrations below the minimum detectable level, so did many of the plastic bottles and the one water can brand tested (Perrier).

No BPA was detected in any of the canned powdered infant formula samples tested. The level of BPA found in baby food packaged in jars clearly indicates that exposure to BPA through consumption of these products is extremely low.

Health Canada's new data provides further support for recent assessments from eleven regulatory bodies around the world that determined BPA is safe for use in food contact products. These regulatory bodies include: the European Food Safety Authority, German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment, Danish Environmental Protection Agency, French Food Safety Authority, Swiss Office for Public Health, and Food Standards Australia-New Zealand.

I hope that this latest round of data will convince the public, but as long as grants are given out to the likes of Freddie vom Saal, Shanna Swan, and the rest of the endocrine disruptor gang, this trumped-up issue—based almost entirely on over-interpretation of data in rodents—will be with us.

Why not reach out to the gang, and ask them what they think of these new findings?

Here's the contact information:

Fred vom Saal      (573) 882-4367

Shanna Swan      (585) 273-3521

And, while you're at it, drop a quick e-mail to the journos at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel who did a big story on how bad BPA is, basing nearly the entire 30,000 word series on input from...Freddie vom Saal.

Susanne Rust

Meg Kissinger

If you think I'm being too hard on old Freddie, check out this direct quote:

"The science is clear and the findings are not just scary, they are horrific," vom Saal said. "When you feed a baby out of a clear, hard plastic bottle, it's like giving the baby a birth control pill."

That's just the kind of level-headed thinking that should be driving this issue, don't you think?


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