It's Time To End The Anti-BPA Hysteria

Concerns about indoor air quality get re-energized because of Chinese drywall

Ever since the energy crisis of 1973, far too much attention has been paid to those who believe that saving energy is the holy grail. A such, ventilation rates in many new homes have dropped well below the levels required to maintain healthy air.

Thus, we began to hear about sick building syndrome, and radon and mold contamination. Radon and mold, of course, have always been around, but when you seal up your homes so tightly, contaminants can and do build up—presenting problems previously unknown. It is hardly an accident that so many more people are reporting allergic reactions than before 1973.

My latest HND piece shows how the Chinese drywall mess is forcing people—and that even includes feckless regulators—to re-examine their assumptions on saving energy. We look at some disturbing findings from indoor air quality gurus Linda Kincaid and Bud Offerman, who are calling for much more outside air to be ventilated into homes—especially new homes.

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