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If you have Chinese drywall in your house, what are you supposed to do?

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, and other agencies, it is a no-brainer. "All" you have to do is tear out all the drywall in your house, and rebuild it. Doing this will cost the affected homeowner about $35/square foot ($377/square meter). The quoted price includes a treatment to the remaining surfaces, which, even though not mentioned by the Feds, is clearly necessary. Without this, your new drywall will get contaminated by what's left in the studs and concrete.

Note that the necessity for this treatment is not mentioned by any of the agencies. Of course, there are many who say that the Feds (and the state agencies for that matter) are "AWOL on drywall."

Since the affected homeowners are going to have to pay the total cost of this remediation out of their own pockets, with no insurance coverage, and no help of any other kind on the horizon, many are understandably wondering if they can live with the problems—or at least postpone having to fix them.

Don't bother looking for guidance on this matter on any government website. Remember "AWOL..."?

Sadly, with certain life safety issues in play, delay in remediation is not without its risks. My latest HND piece covers this topic is some detail. Check it out!



Mr. Shaw,

Your articles in Health News Digest on treatment options, and your field visit observing AbissoCleanse Treatment System applications, referenced several issues your readers most likely will need more info on or education concerning treatment options.

Per Judge Fallon's (3) three options ...

1) Pressure Washing Interior ...

Recommended in Florida ??? Potential mold / mildew added issues ??? Does this remove or just displace the material ???

2) HEPA Vacuuming ...

Several projects have shown this option does not work in the field as per laboratory testing ... Construction surfaces, textures, and general dust conditions have confirmed material settles after becoming airborne, even after several HEPA Vacuuming operations.

3) Spray and Wipe Method ...

Sounds good, should work, but what are you spraying ??? Water ??? Toxic compounds ??? Chlorine ???

All (3) three options require Post-Treatment Testing confirming success--although this is hardly ever mentioned.

My point as I'm sure you are asking ???

What does all this have to do with the consumer, health issues, cost of treatments, funding of treatments, and success of treatment options ???

Simple yet complicated answer ...

CPSC, ASTM, nor Judge Fallon want to specify any one treatment system, or process over another, yet they issue guidelines that provide options with little or no confirmed validation, testing, specifics, or details ... Once again ... Failing to protect the Consumer and opening Pandora's box for treatment options, and "SNAKE OIL" salesman.

Please note ...

AbissoCleanse Treatment System is the only Spray and Wipe Type System that eradicates and eliminates out-gassing vapors and cross-contamination issues concerning tainted corrosive Chinese drywall ... kills mold, mildew, and mold spores on contact ... registered with the EPA ... and accomplishes all this with one thorough treatment and one treatment product, while maintaining a NON-TOXIC, NON-Voc, and GREEN PRODUCT formulation or treatment application.

Your article opened the door for consumers to ask more questions, and encourages research prior to selection of a "treatment option", but would be far more informative and consumer friendly with more details, specifics, test results, field confirmed treatments, and confirmed and validated Post-Treatment testing and methods employed.

Just a thought ...

As I continue to see abuse and misinformation posted and proliferated concerning treatment options available, with little or no validation, cost benefits, or confirmed and field tested solutions of the problems consumers are faced with ... TODAY !!!

Our firm, as previously noted and discussed, continues to be a consumer advocate ...

Protecting the consumer through education, validation, and honesty.

Please call 941-955-8111 with any questions.

Michael S. Foreman
Foreman and Associates, Inc.

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