From Gil Ross--of ACSH: NYC hospitals don’t make health workers get vaccinated
Lack of trust in the health care industry: A branding crisis

What's up with our health care leadership?

Many questions can be raised...

Why are all the big disease trade associations against e-cigarettes? At best, they are concerned over tenth-order effects, and seem to care little for actual harm reduction. Why do they continue to advocate a high-carb low fat diet, despite mounds of evidence that this stance has single-handedly caused the obesity and type 2 diabetes epidemic?

Why do they insist on pursuing a low-salt diet when there is NO evidence that this is healthy, and plenty of studies showing that it promotes a variety of diseases?

Rack your brain all you want, but all roads lead to only one conclusion: The powers that be want us sick, poor, and dependent on them. And, in the case of banning e-cigs, want that cig tax revenue.

Where is a public health policy, when you really need one?



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