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New year, old problems

This HND piece examines the ongoing problems at healthcare institutions—that seem to persist from year to year. We focus on two big aspects: Infection control and flat-out incompetent mistakes.

As to infection control, we analyze—based on the limited information that has been released to the public—the shocking infection control breaches at a Saddlebrook, NJ surgery center. The facility admitted that 3.778 people could have been exposed to Hep B, Hep C, and HIV. And this, over a period defined as January 1 to September 7 of 2018. The January 1st seems a bit arbitrary, doesn't it? And, the September 7th only marks the date that they were temporarily closed down by the state department of health.

Drug diversion seems to be a reasonable explanation, although we're not hearing too much about this. Typically, the gory details almost never emerge in these sorts of breaches, but maybe this one will be different.

As to medical mistakes, while they occur everywhere, it is most disheartening when they occur at marquee establishments run by big names, such as Johns Hopkins. We discuss a few real bad ones.

Read the complete article.


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